[The Pioneer] Exploring the world of business

Exploring the world of business
July 23, 2011   7:39:00 PM

Author: Rabi Narayan Kar
Publisher: IBH
Price: Rs 445

The book is designed and structured to present an integrated view of mergers and acquisitions, writes Sidharth Mishra

India’s economic reforms have radically transformed the business environment, paving the way for mergers, acquisitions and other forms of corporate restructuring. Everyday there are reports of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) grabbing headlines of both print and electronic media. In the aftermath of the liberalisation process, many foreign companies have acquired Indian enterprises. At the same time, many Indian enterprises have also acquired foreign companies in countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Russia and others. However, M&As are not new to the Indian economy. Companies in the past have also resorted to M&A strategies for growth and consolidation. Hence, there is a need to study M&A as a phenomenon. Herein lies the relevance of Rabi Narayan Kar’s book.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring is designed and structured to present an integrated view of M&A deals. It starts with M&A strategy formulation and continues through the process of execution and realisation. This format of presentation with case studies, examples and statistics of Indian companies would help the reader gain complete understanding of mergers and acquisitions.

The book contains 21 chapters and each chapter is self-contained. As M&A is an interdisciplinary subject, the book attempts to cover the broad gamut of topics, including concepts, strategies, valuation, evaluation, financing, accounting, etc.

With fluctuations in the Indian economy and changing regulatory environment, shifts in the level of these activities may occur. The book, therefore, gives adequate attention to M&A regulations, mergers, takeovers, defence mechanism and leveraged buy-out strategies. A number of case studies covering different frontiers of M&As have been incorporated for easy understanding of the issue. These case studies deal with what happens in a typical situation and illustrate the application of the fundamental theories and approaches towards areas related to M&As.

The book provides all theoretical concepts, strategies and practical aspects of M&As. It will benefit business professionals and decision makers who want to understand the process of mergers and acquisitions. Not just the professionals, the book will also provide the general reader with a sound understanding of the complex world of business.


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